The apocalypse has it's four horsemen. Let the killing begin.


Phillip Cahoon: Vocals, Brutal Lyrics, and Song Titles

With three decades of metal running through his veins with influences from all aspects of music: rock, blues, and heavy metal. In 2006 he formed the band Octanion. Eight years and nineteen band members later he finally made it to the studio for a full length album still pending to be released on Lost Apparitions Records. His vocals are some of the most brutal to come onto the scene. Some refer to it as bloodcurdling savagery. As fate would have it he met Jon Currle and they formed an alliance and became RazorWire Decapitation.


Jon Currle: Lead and Rhythm

Jon Currle has played for many bands including: Inside Out, Meat Grinder, Ten Million Tons, Grit Factor, and is now presently with RazorWire Decapitation. His style is a mixture of punk, death metal, and thrash in the ranks he stands alone with his own style, on all fronts an outstanding musician.


Casey Firkin: Bass

Casey Firkin founder of multiple bands, most recently his creation Helgamite has joined the trenches with RazorWire Decapitation. He rules the bottom end with bone crushing destruction on bass guitar. Master of many talents bringing wicked rhythms with a unique style all his own.

Brandon Foltz: Drummer

Brandon played in the bands Reflux and Damana until he was enlisted into the trenches of RazorWire Decapitation. His style is uncompromised which puts him in the ranks as one of the best drummers to come onto the scene. With machine precision and high endurance, what he brings to the table of metal music is a class of his own.